Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tracking Success...

Happy Creative Dreaming Sunday, Everyone!  This week is devoted to how I will track my success.

I think I'm going to devote a small journal to this. I like writing things out. I haven't actually done this in the past. Normally I do vision boards and have little reminders all over my apartment about dreams and believing etc.  Never have I kept track of what is happening and coming true!  So this should be exciting.

I have my normal journal (I started it right before my most recent trip to Scotland since I had finished off my other one during the last :)  My Sister gave me two new blank books for my birthday this year because she couldn't decide between the two...serendipity! I haven't had to buy a journal for myself in years; people find out you write and that turns into a go-to's fantastic.

Funny thing about this little journal I'm going to use to track my success...I actually had bought the same one for myself years ago, before my month-long adventure in Italy. I ended up filling it with a bunch of worry and craziness over a person who ended up being very toxic for me (although, in the end, a good lesson).  That particular journal was flung into the incinerator of my apartment building only a short time ago. I loved the book though, so NEW BEGINNINGS.

Things I am doing to move my success along and results?  Let's see.  It's changing and evolving all the time...
  • Asking questions and reaching out, making contacts and getting information.
  • Sharing my journey here
  • Strengthening friendships I had been neglecting
  • Trying to help others spread the word (check out the ad links on the right side of this page: John Philip Newell, Mark Cooper, ABC Creativity, etc.)
  • Letting go of things that are harmful to me
  • Twitter and Facebook exposure
  • Writing for other websites such as The New York Optimist (and I was recently asked to write a little article about my latest trip by EdinburghSpotlight!)
  • Creating a new dream/vision board! 
  • Working on my element shield (water) for my Apprenticeship
  • Actively paying down my debt (one credit card down as of Friday!!!)
  • De-cluttering my space as much as possible. It keeps my head clearer.  For example: I try to keep the kitchen sink clear now.
  • Listening to my body.  What food it needs/wants to be healthy.  How much sleep it needs. Emotional needs etc.
  • Trying to have one good cry a week.  My best friend from growing up said she does this...and it really does help release pent up emotions and dark energy.   So I put a sad DVD in!
  • Make sure to laugh and smile as much as I can
  • Only pursue what brings me joy and in turn, joy finds me!
  • Trying to exercise as much as possible...or even just stretch in the morning (helps my back, neck, posture and mood!)
  • Being easy on myself when I have an "off" day because it's all part of the process
  • Speaking my mind
  • Listening to my intuition...hasn't led me wrong.
  • Realizing I don't have to do everything at once...and that this is my time to try out what works and what doesn't...but not to give up because it takes experimentation to figure out what the best way for me.
  • Stepping back a bit and look at where I'm going and seeing things come to me!
  • Evaluate where I am, be present. It helps me stay balanced and focused.
  • Cooking new recipes on the weekends to write about during the week (next up: "Hot Toddy" Cookies!)
  • I'm participating in this wonderful workshop!


robin said...

Pretty journal! I love the stitching!
I was a devoted journaler for many, many years until my husband moved in with me... seemed like I'd be tempting fate by documenting my inner-most thoughts and then expecting him never to be curious. But I miss it horribly... it's a wonderful way to express yourself and be creative.

me said...

I love the idea of success journal!! And won't that be something wonderful to look back on when you're feeling blue!!

ABCcreativity said...

lee anne this is so awesome! it's great to see how many wonderful things are happening in your life.

Brandi Reynolds said...

oh...the paying down the debt is HUGE! and congrats on getting a credit card paid off!