Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trying New Things...

 Homemade Soap :)

This week's assignment has been to try something new.

It seems as if that's what I've been doing for months now!  Since the new year began, I have put myself on a loose budget...mostly putting payments on my credit cards instead of buying shoes and clothes...and something that I never thought would make much of a difference...paying my bills when they come in (if I have the funds) instead of waiting for the due dates.  This way the money is gone so I can't make a million frivolous purchases during the week.  I also have been budgeting my grocery lists to last two weeks, give or take, and I cook a few meals that I can rotate until my next pay check.  This one can back-fire a bit if one of the meals doesn't quite do it for me...but all in all it's been working.  I paid off one credit card already!

This week I decided to try getting all ready for the day, the night before...including my shower.  Yeah, didn't care for it. I mean, I liked the showering at night because it was relaxing...but a morning shower helps wake and warm me up and relax my sore neck/back/shoulder muscles after sleeping on an inadequate mattress all night.  I also really don't like my hair after I sleep on it.  I'm a Leo, after all, our "manes" are very important to us!  Granted, I am in the process of growing out my hair and it's a bit awkward to begin with.  But I digress...

I do like getting my lunch together the night before.  I won't try laying out my clothes because I have no clue what I'll feel like wearing until the day arrives.

I didn't even make myself stick with it for the whole week...I did it for two nights and thought, "I really don't like this, so why keep doing it?"  It's a PM shower not a life or death situation! In the end, the whole experiment resulted in me playing with my time...opening it up and helping me have more of it to relax and be in the morning before heading back into the mayhem that is New York City.

This all goes along very well with where I'm at...trying what works and what doesn't and then promptly moving on instead of agonizing over my seeming lack of will-power or whatever nonsense I used to say to myself.

Instead I think, "Well, that wasn't for me...and that's okay."  Maybe the next thing will be.


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ABCcreativity said...

it's great to try something new and even better to stop doing when it doesn't work for you!

and congrats on paying off one credit card! that's amazing! it's incredible what we can do when we switch things up...