Sunday, January 3, 2010

Creative Dreaming

Sky's the limit

I am taking part in a Creative Dreaming program via the internet this year.  Our first assignment is to create a list of 100 dreams and post it here goes!

  1. Live in Scotland
  2. Make The Lion's Share and LionArt Creations my (paying) work
  3. Sell my artwork
  4. Fall in Love
  5. Have light-filled relationships
  6. Marry a wonderful man
  7. Have an awesome dog
  8. A garden
  9. A dishwasher :)
  10. A hearth in my kitchen
  11. Be a Wise Woman/Green Witch :)
  12. Travel
  13. Part of a loving community
  14. Spiritual practice
  15. Health & Balance
  16. Give/Get Reiki regularly (a part of The Lion's Share/LionArt)
  17. Financially free
  18. Financially comfortable
  19. Laughter
  20. Adventure
  21. Freedom
  22. Do things that matter to me
  23. Make a difference
  24. Keep learning and growing
  25. Close friends and family
  26. Always creating
  27. Strong
  28. Emotionally connected
  29. Visit France
  30. Visit Quebec
  31. Visit Nova Scotia
  32. Show my photographs
  33. Have lots of healthy energy
  34. Always act out of love
  35. Never short-change myself
  36. Never afraid to shine
  37. Never act out of fear
  38. Game nights
  39. Dinner parties
  40. Outdoor kitchen
  41. Greenhouse
  42. Nature always nearby
  43. Daily fitness that's fun...a natural part of the day
  44. Dancing
  45. Violin playing
  46. Singing
  47. Learn more about family history
  48. Return to Iona
  49. Be flexible in body and mind (yoga)
  50. No back or neck pain
  51. Freedom from "desk work"
  52. Surrounded by love
  53. Have a fabulous/supportive/trustworthy business partner
  54. Free of clutter
  55. Spacious, comfortable home
  56. Money to come and go as I please
  57. Have a mentor
  58. Healthy tummy :)
  59. Camping!!!
  60. Visit my friends around the world
  61. Lion's Share Dinner parties in Edinburgh etc.
  62. Time to knit
  63. Time to make medicine
  64. Time to cook
  65. A clean, organized, airy home
  66. An open heart
  67. Work at home
  68. Learn how to play the guitar and harp
  69. Know how to tend my plants
  70. Spend less frivolous time online
  71. Connect with people in person
  72. Live in a simplified environment
  73. Have a simplified lifestyle
  74. Naps :)
  75. Greenhouse window in kitchen
  76. Old fashioned kitchen with huge sink and big welcoming table for gathering
  77. Brew beer!
  78. Make mead
  79. Learn how to make butter and cheese
  80. Master bread-making
  81. Balanced relationships
  82. See every place in Scotland
  83. Write blogs in cafes 
  84. Meditate
  85. Be in nature every day
  86. Be near mountains and water
  87. See the stars at night
  88. Learn about Celtic spirituality
  89. Share my space, life, food, etc...
  90. Lots of love and affection
  91. Healthy skin
  92. Healthy respiratory system
  93. Healthy joints
  94. Feel inspired
  95. Be brave
  96. Say what I mean and mean what I say
  97. Finish what I start
  98. Follow through/keep promises
  99. Write poetry again
  100. Be open to life and go for it!!!


ABCcreativity said...

what an inspiring list - love it!!!!

succulentdiva said...

good job leeann!


Anonymous said...

Love your list! What an inspiration to such a positive thinking. BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

Your list is so inspiring! I hope all your dreams come true! Enjoyed looking at your recent travel photos! Looking forward to learning more about you!

The Lion's Share said...

Thanks Everyone! XO I'm loving everyone's lists :)

Melanie said...

A great list! I enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

What a great list Leeann! I see all of these dreams coming true and even more!


Lorraine said...

Did I see camping in the list? You have inspired me to write one as well. Happy New Year, may your dreams come true!

Did I tell you I once wrote down dreams and one of them was to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I thought my husband would have to die and I'd find a wealthy replacement, however, within a few short years of writing that dream down it became a reality. I spent 5 nights in the hotel with husband and daughter. The story is amazing!

Redheaded Stepchild said...

Great list!

pink said...

I love your list! Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Peters said...

That's a wonderful list, Lee Ann! I think it's very powerful to say it out loud and post it on the net.