Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreams Achieved...

 My 11 year old self's toe shoes...

Week two of  "Creating Dreams Come True..." and our assignment is to create a follow up list to our creative dreams by writing down our dreams come true...I've gone pretty far kindergarten, actually:

  1. I Learned how to Ballet Dance
  2. I Learned how to play the Violin
  3. Tried almost every type of art and craft
  4. I graduated from college 
  5. I live in New York City (it was a dream at one point :) )
  6. I met Terrence Mann (twice) and got a photo and autograph
  7. Saw Paul McCartney in concert (3 times!)
  8. I did a magical road trip through England, Scotland and Wales...
  9. I  found myself in  Scotland
  10. I spent a month in Italy
  11. I dreamed up my current apt for years without realizing it...and it fell into my lap.
  12. I started getting Reiki treatments
  13. I was attuned to level II Reiki
  14. I took my first herbal medicine making classes
  15. Learned how to Tango
  16. I returned to Scotland for my 30th birthday
  17. I travel on my own
  18. I navigated buses, trains, ferries etc in Scotland on my own
  19. I travelled on my own all the way out to Iona to meet a large group of strangers
  20. I have friends in Scotland and England and Canada and...all over!!!
  21. I swam in the ocean in October while on Iona
  22. Danced at a Ceilidh
  23. I have gotten much more social
  24. I started The Lion's Share
  25. I create healthy, creative and easy meals
  26. I use my blog as an outlet for my photography
  27. I have written some recaps for HBO's True Blood on TV Guide Magazine's Website
  28. Bought my first laptop
  29. I wrote The Lion's Share while in Scotland
  30. Climbed to the top of Arthur's Seat
  31. Conquered eating and having a pint alone in the pubs
  32. I'm consolidating my debt
  33. I've learned how to save up for trips etc instead of charging everything
  34. Thrown dinner parties at my home (Muppet Party!)
  35. I am doing an Herbal Apprenticeship
  36. I've pretty much gone off all prescription and over the counter medication
  37. I am more in tune with the Earth
  38. Feel more balanced
  39. Learning to let go of negative emotional and physical "stuff"
  40. Bought tickets to go see The Waterboys in Dublin this March back in July...with no real plan
  41. Just bought my plane ticket and hotel room for Dublin
  42. Gotten more spontaneous and stopped procrastinating...going for things
  43. I purchased a square-foot of land in The Highlands to help protect the area :)
  44. I set up a new Etsy shop

That's what I have come up with so far...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and exciting life you have created for yourself! Imagine what joy is yet to come :)

melissa said...

this list is delicious!


Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful list - it's inspiring in itself to see these kinds of things achieved!

ABCcreativity said...

fantastic list leeanne!

Redheaded Stepchild said...

Beautiful photo and a wonderful life so far!