Thursday, October 28, 2010

Newfangled Diaries, These Blogs...

I am a huge lover of all things historic.  Old buildings, ruins and reading about people's lives back in the they did name it.

I also love researching my family and finding out personal details about the people who came before me (my great grandfather was listed as a tennis racket stringer and then later owned his own barbershop!)

It's a shame, though, that I don't have any personal diaries from these folks. I've kept diaries since I was young...though most of them are poetry journals.

The other day I was reading the blog of a woman who recently passed away and I realized that blogs are a record of our lives that are accessible immediately.  Weird that I hadn't thought about it until then. It was so poignant...reading this woman's words.  So full of life and ideas and was like I could see her typing up each entry. She was alive in every word.

Facebook and Twitter add into this too. Good lord...some people record every little moment in status updates! I realize that all this online exposure can be a mixed blessing at times. I mean, we do need to filter what we put out there to a degree. I still write out the deeply personal stuff with pen and notebook but am very glad I have this blog to document my life and that people can see it now rather than later.

I had been thinking about how over saturated the blogging world is. Maybe I was wrong?  Maybe it's sort of like an ongoing time capsule that we don't have to wait to dig up in 20 years?

I've certainly shifted my perspective.


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