Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking Time

Good Advice...

I've been trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to keep my apartment in order.  I thought that I'd do a complete over-haul for my first Lion's Share gathering (which is this Saturday!!!) but, instead, it's remained just about in order...with brief periods of questionable :)

I've been surrounded by so many changes, possibilities and exciting things that I had to take a step back and absorb it all before forging ahead...lest I forget just how far I've come.  I tend to exhaust myself with, "Go...Go...Go!!!"

And...I've also been dealing with a very heavy-footed upstairs neighbor (who apparently refuses to get carpeting) interrupting my sleep...and my flow of inspiration (too tired)! Hence my infrequent blogging lately.

But maybe it's okay for things to be imperfect.

My friends will hardly care that there may be a touch of clutter around my place for this first gathering.  After all...everything's a work in progress.

I still have a little time to clean before the big day...and figure out what fabulous Fall food to prepare...and order the groceries...oh my, there is a lot to do!!!

So far, today, I've cleaned a little...finished one long over-due knitting project (slippers!) and blocked another (a stripey hat!), made yogurt, washed some dishes, attempted to make granola bars...watched some 80s spy TV...sung along to my soundtrack in the kitchen ... :) I gotta be me, after all! Maybe I'll take a relaxing bath before the evening is out...hmmm.

As I sit back and look around at my place after all today's hard's still not party-ready. But that's okay! It will all get done.

Fortunately I have enlisted the help of a friend for setting up and general party stuff...all with the promise of a movie night complete with girl-talk and beer. I might introduce her to Dr. Who!

What could be a better kick off to an event!

Now, I must go check on my granola bars...



Anonymous said...

It is absolutely ok to not be perfect.

It is absolutely ok to have clutter. I like to quote Roseanne on this one, "Forgive the mess, but we live here."

It is absolutely ok to take time and breathe it all in. In fact, that is mandatory.

The Lion's Share said...

I like that quote!