Sunday, October 10, 2010

Old Bay, All The Way!

I decided to try this recipe...from Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals and I have to say, it's Delish!

Crispy Oven Fish Fry with Mushy Peas

Let's forget that this "30 Minute Meal" has a cooking time of 40 minutes...

It was, however, very simple :)

I was cooking for one, so I quartered the ingredients for the fish and made one serving, but made the full amount of mushy peas...figuring I could incorporate them into another dish for the week. I'll admit that I over chopped the mint.  All the oils came out and made the peas super strong!  So I added more peas and some lemon juice to tame the mint :) The malt vinegar also helped.

I, of course, enjoyed this with a really good beer ;) 

When the fish was gone, I mixed some ground pork (I wanted lamb, for the mint...but couldn't find it at the store) and brown rice with the peas. 

I cooked the pork with the same seasonings for the fish's breadcrumb lots of Old Bay!!! Yay! I also added a splash of malt vinegar before having it for lunch at work!

Yum. I can't believe it's taken me so long to attempt pub food at home...  :D



Camille said...

Cooking for one is hard... I had to adjust the ingredients as well. I just came out with a cookbook you might find useful. It's called "Table for One: Perfectly Portioned Meals for the Single Cook." I created recipes just for the single chef and even included an ingredient index in the back for when you have extra of a perishable ingredient you need to use before it goes bad. Hope it helps. :)

The Lion's Share said...

Thanks Camile! Looks like a great book!