Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Beauty of Doing Nothing...


I used to think it was terrible to have "nothing" to do. That it meant a lack of a life or laziness.

Now, I not only think it's awesome...I know it's necessary to have "me" time as often as possible to keep a balance in my life.

I can't stress the importance of re-charging the batteries and, on occasion, spending some quality time on your own.  However you enjoy doing that.

I've had some of my best ideas and moments during downtime.  I've had life changing epiphanies during solitary walks in the woods.

And it's especially important following a big upheaval, event or accomplishment.

When I visited Iona for the first time, I took the week after to hang around Edinburgh...walking and thinking and absorbing all the good stuff I'd learned.

Today, I've been relaxing and letting the dishes slide after hosting my first Lion's Share Circle yesterday!  I sat around in my pjs and knit...I even took a nap.

It was a wonderful day and I will blog about it soon :)  But not right now. Now...I'm going to sit and enjoy the aftermath.


P.S. As if reading my amazing Creative Coach, Andrea, wrote a blog about this very subject a few days ago...right when I was preparing this post! I'd love to share her perspective with you all!

Creative Rest by Andrea Schroeder (ABCcreativity)

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