Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fill in the Blanks...

creative dream assignment: fill in the blanks

if my dream was an animal, it would be a ____Lion____ and it would need ____a mountain____.

if my dream was a colour, it would be ____Green____ and its favourite colour would be ___Purple___.

if my dream was a {real or made-up} holiday, it would be ____Samhain____ and we would celebrate by ____going camping and having a bonfire____.

if my dream was a car it would be a ____mini convertible or a jeep____ and i would drive it to ___the ocean____.

and in honour of my new business partner tree, if my dream was a tree, it would be a ___hawthorn___ and if i could plan it anywhere, i would plant it ____in Scotland___.

bonus question: what insights, ideas and inspiration did you glean about your dream from this assignment?

I was surprised my color's favorite color was purple!  I thought it would have been orange :)

I am inspired, as ever, by the way my responses are based in nature and the Earth.  I want to keep moving in that direction...reconnecting with the Earth.



ABCcreativity said...


The Lion's Share said...

LOL...I just realized that I read "Holiday" and thought Vacation. Where is my head!?

The Lion's Share said...

I think my dream would be Samhain! And we'd still have a Bonfire....

ABCcreativity said...

that is perfect!
actually when i read your original answer i thought "oh yah! that can really be taken either way. that's cool"