Friday, October 1, 2010

Pilgrimage for Change

Iona Abbey

So...for anyone wondering about this mystery workshop I'm doing on is the scoop.

Let me begin by saying that my first trip to Iona made a huge impact on me.  I am so blessed to have spent such a wonderful week with some truly wonderful souls in October 2009.

Here are some blogs I wrote about my first Iona experience while in Scotland and then upon my (reluctant) return to New York.

The Seeds for Iona

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Taking the Plunge 

Life Run

Wednesday on Iona

Pilgrimage Day

The St. Columba Hotel

Matter Matters

Iona Stones

Pilgrimage for Change, St Columba Hotel, Iona, Scotland
(9-16 April 2011)

In April 2011 John Philip Newell, along with his wife Ali, will be leading Pilgrimage for Change, a week on the Isle of Iona for young adults, 20 and 30 year olds, seeking inner and outer transformation in their lives and world. Iona over the centuries has been a place of new beginnings and commitment to peace. In the development of his work and vision, John Philip has placed a priority on working with young leaders in the belief that they hold part of the key to new beginnings in our world. Pilgrimage for Change is designed to support this work.

Each day on Iona will begin and end with the rhythm of prayer and meditation together, either at the Abbey or elsewhere on the island. In the mornings John Philip will teach on themes related to the oneness of the human soul and the healing of creation, asking what sacrifices we are to make in our lives as individuals, as nations, and as a species, if we and the world are to be well. The afternoons will be given to hiking, conversation, and rest, and in the early evenings Ali will lead us in embodiment practices of chant and meditative movement and further reflection on the way of transformation in our world. On at least one of the days we will walk the seven-mile island pilgrimage route together to reflect on the journey of our lives and universe. Wholesome breakfasts and evening meals, with provision from the organic gardens of the hotel, are an important part of our community life together.

Participants are welcome to bring children to stay in the hotel with them and to participate in mealtimes but the programme sessions will not include children. This means that participants with children will need to provide their own childcare. We know, for instance, that at least one granny intends to come and look after her grandchild during the sessions!

For costs and registration information contact

The recently formed foundation ‘Friends of John Philip Newell’ is offering a limited number of scholarships for this event – International Scholarships ($1000 USD) and British Scholarships ($500 USD). Scholarship awards will be announced by the end of December 2010. For further information and application forms contact Helenmarie Zachritz, Executive Vice President of Friends of John Philip Newell at

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