Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Back into the Kitchen!

I spent New Year's Eve weekend in flux.  Partially relaxing, and slowly getting my butt back into the kitchen! All the while, singing my heart out along with my iPod.

I admit...I've been eating out of cans and boxes for the past week. Before that I was emptying my wallet buying lunch in the city every day and dinner on the way home.  I confess, I even ate crackers and cheese for breakfast a few mornings (I basically ate my weight in cheese and chocolate due to all the free food in the office before and between the holidays). I was simply too tired to cook...and too busy finishing up my holiday I thought I'd give myself a break. This blog slid off as well...hence the disorganized posts this week. But I'm slowly getting back in gear!

Back to New Year's weekend...

I alternately drank wine, made yogurt and cooked all the leftover food in my fridge.  I made Sweet Potato Gratin With Coconut Milk and Chipotle Chile:



I turned some frozen brussels sprouts and canned beets into a lemon-thyme infused treat:

 Before, Beautiful!

After, delicious!

A little egg with my collard greens?  Yes, Please!

I had some with dinner, and then used the rest in savory oatmeal for two mornings...

I have high hopes for this weekend since I'll be in again...fingers crossed that the predicted snow won't keep my Fresh Direct order from arriving like last time!


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