Monday, January 24, 2011

Clouds and Rainbows

I was watching Master Class with Maya Angelou on Oprah's new network (OWN) last weekend and became inspired!  This woman is phenomenal indeed. I had my journal next to me throughout the entire program.

She said that she always says "yes" to doing good/interesting things...and then will do the background work required to get the work other words, she takes opportunities and chances. She moves forward.


I'm hoping that I can be a good example and practice what I preach here (Maya also said that you need to live what you teach to others...something I heartily agree with).

She also said something to the effect of, "we are all human, therefore nothing human is alien to us".

There is dark and light in all of us. We are capable of both so we shouldn't look down on others for their "failings." Including ourselves! It all comes down to choices. We can reach beyond what we think we are capable of.


It has come to my attention that I need to work a wee bit harder at creating and recognizing that there is sacred space wherever I am in the present. It might make my final time in New York a little easier. After all, I'll be taking me and that space with me wherever I go in the future.

So, I'm working hard at creating goodness where I am and looking forward to saying "yes" first when amazing opportunities come up in the future (and then figuring out "how"). I'm also trying not to be too hard on myself for going off track. I'm marvelously human...I can't help it sometimes.

Some wonderful quotes from Maya Angelou's Master Class:

"Prepare yourself to be a rainbow in someone's clouds..."

"Love doesn't bind."

I love the idea of being a rainbow.


P.S. I found a link to the show online!


Christina said...

thank you. your post in itself is a rainbow. beautiful :)

ABCcreativity said...

I love this!
Rainbows have been coming to me lately... I am starting a few new rainbow-related projects.

The Lion's Share said...

I also loved how she admitted that she blows it sometimes (in regard to not getting upset with others). Even Maya Angelou is human...