Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be a Creative Dreamer!!!

I am delighted to be using this week's featured product segment to promote my wonderful creative coach Andrea! She is the amazing woman who runs the Creative Dreaming online workshop that I've been participating in.  2010 was fabulous and 2011 will be even more purposeful and exciting!

Andrea and I "met" on an online forum inspired by SARK years ago. It's been a delight seeing her grow as a person as well as a creative dreamer (and doer)!  She's very inspiring and grounding...sharing her journey as well as others'...and encouraging everyone to live their dreams.

She has been featuring an interview series on her blog about people who have stepped out of their day jobs and into their creative businesses...and now she has added herself to that list!  Congrats, Andrea!  I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions yesterday: 

What prompted you to go into this line of work?

My whole adult life, I have had a strong desire to earn my living with my creativity.  I explored and experimented with a lot of different paths to figure out how to do that.  My 20s were spent exploring my creative potential as an artist, and exploring my creative potential as a spiritual being, via creative visualisation, positive affirmations and healing work.  The more I explored, the more I found these two things are the same thing.  How I create a painting or a meal or a sweater is the same way that I create everything in my life.

So then I started studying spirituality more intently, taking classes and becoming accredited as a teacher/mentor/healer.  I started to create my own classes and workshops to teach and lead healing meditation circles.  I wasn't think of it as a job at that point, I was doing it because I loved it.  And mostly because I so loved the freedom of discovering that I can create anything I want in my life - that I wanted to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen. 

And so my workshops grew and grew and I started to realise that I would be more useful in the world, and I would enjoy my life a whole lot more, if I didn't have a job and could focus on this work all the time.  So I made my plan to do just that.

How has pursuing helping others helped you?

Helping others keeps me on track.  If I am going to tell you that you can live your dreams then I better be doing everything I can to live more or else I am a hypocrite - so it is really important to be to live what I teach. 

Helping others really is the fastest way to help yourself.  It is a spiritual law that we receive what we give.  The more I am helping others to make their dreams come true, the easier it becomes for me to make my dreams come true.

What did you do on your first day of self employment?

I stayed in my PJs all day, lol! Mostly, I did a lot of writing - blog posts for my blog, guest posts for other blogs, and preparations for my January coaching special.  I did some art - I have a few paper doll soul portrait commissions I am working on.  And I spent some time with a few new projects.  Also I spent a surprising (to me!) amount of time answering email.

I also started cleaning out my closets and moving some furniture around to make my home more appropriate as a full time work place.  And I kept giggling and smiling about how good it feels to be here.  Finally.


I have become an affiliate for some of her wonderful kits...and she has an amazing special offer happening right now:

"How will you fill your 2011 with dreams come true?
I like to create a new map to my dreams for each year.  This helps me to narrow in on what I really want and to develop a plan for how I am going to get there.  It helps me gather my strengths and gifts and build bridges that lead me over the obstacles in my way.

Create a Map that Leads to your Dream Come True is a creativity kit that helps you create a map to your dreams and tap into your amazing potential to make your dreams real through meditation, visioning, creativity, intuition and positive affirmations." --Andrea Schroeder, ABCcreativity

Special: Create A Map Kit with Coaching for $100

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I did a creative coaching session with Andrea over the summer and came away totally refreshed and excited to move forward with my dreams!  I highly recommend it. 


She also offers wonderful kits designed to help you along in your dream journey:

I really can't say enough good things about Andrea and ABCcreativity.  Her site offers a wide range of creative tools to aid us in our dreamy pursuits. She is a wonderful ally and support system...she simply sparkles!


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