Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pilgrimage Day

Thursday, 10/29, was pilgrimage day...

We spent a wonderful day hiking over Iona... new friends helping one another and two lovely dogs bounding about.  It was glorious. 

I started the morning with my third and final swim...impressing the hell out of myself on many different levels...then we were off!

We covered a lot of ground, both physically and spiritually.  Throughout the walk we stopped to listen to a piece of scripture or to sing an Alleluia (in harmony, which I loved).

We did Tai Chi and drank from the well of eternal youth (one of my new friends told me I wasn't allowed to drink because I'm too young already :)

It was a day of choosing our steps carefully, yet boldly...helping each other out (sometimes stepping in each other's footprints for steady footing), hearing the squish of our feet in the moist earth and the tide filtering musically through the many stones on the seashore; of climbing hills and slippery slopes...approaching a crossroads and choosing a way...letting go of certain things while holding on to others...

It was beautiful.



Happy Feet

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me said...

Fabulous pix ~ I could feel the mist on my face!!