Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday in Edinburgh: Part 2

So...I found myself walking around the hills all afternoon...meditating on an obliging rock...almost falling down the side of the you do... :)

My trousers (I am in Britain, after all) are filthy. Mud has joined the salt water stains left from my "Swims" on Iona. They look gorgeous ;)

I found a real sense of bliss up there...and I noticed how everyone seems to stand on the edges and spread their arms out wide...welcoming the world. I did this too, along with running down paths furiously clicking away with my camera. I find, however, that there is no way for me to accurately show you all just how breath-takingly beautiful it is here. But I'll keep trying :) Every time I turn around, gorgeousness hits me in the face and I keep exclaiming, "Come On!!! It can't be real!"

Oh...but it is...

They keep following me!

My meditation rock of choice for the day

At the Top

Leaving my mark :) (The Lion was already there...)


Now...I'm off for a pint. Knitting was canceled. I"ll just have to make the best of it ;)

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Sharon said...

Told you those rainbows would keep following you ;) xxx