Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday in Edinburgh: Part 1

I spent yesterday moving my stuff across town and getting resituated. Once settled, I had a wonderful catch-up with my friend Christina and, later, a lovely dinner with friends. I couldn't have asked for more in one day.

Today I'm feeling the end of my trip looming and it's a bit sad. So if anyone has any ideas for me to stay on or come back as soon as possible, I'm all ears! :)

Right now I'm sitting in a cafe on The Royal mile...eating a full Scottish breakfast and writing on my laptop. How fun! I've never done the Internet Cafe's lovely. If I wanted to, I could just keep writing and order up a beer. I see a tap for "Bellhaven Best" over to my's very temping. Would that be weird right after breakfast? It's 12:30, after all...

After I finish up here, I plan on finishing up my souvenir shopping and maybe another walk around Arthur's Seat since I'll have to say goodbye again for a bit.

I'm very excited to say that I'll be meeting up with Christina later for a knitting group on Victoria Street! I've had to miss out on my knitting group the past two weeks, so that will be really nice. I've left my knitting at home but I might be able to make the sacrifice and get some new supplies...although I'm not sure where I'll pack them for the trip home.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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