Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday in Edinburgh: Part 3

As soon as I finished posting "Thursday in Edinburgh: Part 2" I began "Part 3" of my day. (and please forgive the myriad of fonts I have going on here...I have no idea how I managed that).

I walked over to The Grassmarket to meet my friends at a cafe called, "The Lot." It was really nice and chill, and my friends were knitting! So I settled in with a very large bottle of Williams Black Ale...and a snack of olives. It was delicious!

After some wonderful conversation we headed for the bus and down to a bar and cafe called "Roseleaf."

I love this place! I was amusing my friend Christina because everything about it filled me with glee...from the home made Ginger Beer cocktail served in teapot and the discovery of cake forks! I'd never seen such a thing! Needless to say the food blogger in me took over and my camera was out (if I looked like a silly tourist so be it!)

Ginger Beer w/Rum

Cullen Skink

Cake Fork!

Apple Cupcake

It was a wonderful penultimate day and evening in Edinburgh. Now, as I write this, it's Friday night and I'm extremely sad to be leaving early in the morning. My only consolation is that I know I'll be back...there's really no question about that because I love it too much.

Today we traveled over to The Sheep Heid Inn for lunch. I had wanted to go last visit but never made it. The Sheep Heid is the oldest Public House in Scotland (according to "The Local's Guide to Edinburgh"). It's very cozy and laid back. We enjoyed some beer and sausages and mustard mash with red wine gravy, then went down to the bar area for some tea. At one point a woman came in with her adorable West Highland Terrier and I was just delighted.

The Sheep Heid

After tea we walked back around and over the Arthur's Seat I got to spend a few more moments out there which I cherish :)

I'm about to head back out to the cash machine and market for dinner fixings. I'm quite excited over cooking something while to make???

I'll report back, of course.



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