Sunday, November 1, 2009

Samhuinn in Edinburgh

I returned to Edinburgh, yesterday, just in time for dinner and the Samhuinn Fire Festival, put on by the Beltane Society, down the Royal Mile.

It was really fun, despite my exhaustion from travelling from Iona early in the morning (I'm still processing my time there so stay tuned for more. It really deserves the proper attention).

After checking into my hotel, I made my way back into town and had a pint of Tennants with a steak & ale pie at The World's End...where there was a "Jack Sparrow" waiting on tables! (*Note to all Americans: we get cheated in the pint department back at home. If you want a true pint, come to Britain. ;) Then I made my way up The Royal Mile to the Castle Esplanade, where the procession was to begin.

The Witchery

I wasn't sure what to expect but was up for anything! Then I saw a group of caped figures walking with torches, their faces painted black...some with gold or white designs...and others carrying hand painted banners hung on tree branches.

At 9:00 o'clock one of the black-clad torch bearers started to swing an incense burner around...the sweet smell filling my senses before I saw the fire, and then I spotted "The Green Man" making his way up to the top of the hill. He was followed by music makers, devils, forest dwellers...a whole gang of pagan mischief makers.



faerian said...

o this brings back memories - i was there at the same time 10 years ago... it stirred my blood i can tell you! thanks for the photos Leann

me said...

How marvelous!!! thanks for posting despite your fatigue!!