Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking the Plunge...

I found myself in the middle of, quite possibly, one of the loveliest groups of people I have ever met. The best situations tend to be the most random, don't they? Here we were a bunch of strangers who immediately bonded and became friends, it was extraordinary!

Another important thing to note, is that I was the youngest attendee by quite a few years and yet I never felt that way...I was an equal. I suppose it should have occurred to me to ask what the age range would be since the magazine my Mom put on my bed was AARP...but nah...

This age split turned out to be one of the many gifts of the week. I floated around between everyone and learned so much about love and trust and relationships (not what I thought the week would bring, that's for sure).

Iona effortlessly stripped away all unnecessary layers and it was all me. I was shown how letting go is actually easy when you're in the right place and how simple things can be when you look to the heart of life. I took three dips in The Sound of Iona...simply because I knew that I had to. I mean, how many chances does one get to go for an Autumnal swim in Scotland (hopefully I'll get many more in the future!) I had decided that I wasn't going to let fear make my decisions for me, especially if the bigger part of me wants to do it. I'm so glad I did! Now, whenever I wonder if I'm capable of something, I'll feel the rain on my face and the cold water enveloping then releasing me to a warmer place.


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me said...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing!