Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple, Fig and Walnut Salad

This was delicious, and SO easy!

I made it for lunch for one of my Fall Apprenticeship days.

My criteria for recipes I need to carry elsewhere is that it can't leak and doesn't need to be heated up...and as I am usually making it after a LONG day at work, minimal cooking and work.

But optimal yumminess, of course!

I bought a bag of local apples, empire, and chopped up about 5 of them.  The I chopped up some leftover dried figs. I believe I also used one lone granny smith apple I had in my fruit basket.

Next, I pan roasted some walnut halves in olive oil and sea salt.

Then I tossed it all together with apple cider vinegar and honey to taste and a dash of cinnamon and ground ginger.

(I bet lemon juice would also work, in place of the AC vinegar).

It was delicious, crisp and oozing with Fall flavors!  The toasted walnuts added a touch of warmth to the cold salad.


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