Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing Pains

I'm trying to write this in the midst of last minute holiday gift-making-craziness.  Yes, I've somehow gotten myself into the seemingly impossible situation of making most of my gifts...and I've decided to do this during a season where I've had very few free weekends...and that's when I get stuff done!

The upside to all this though, has been a lot of quality time with my family and though stressful at times it's been very Christmas-y since Thanksgiving!

But right now I'm enjoying a last minute "day off" before the holiday and thought I'd finish this baby up before getting back to my knitting and soap-making!

My most recent Creative Dreaming assignment was to reflect on what has grown since this journey has here is my list:

  • My hair :)
  • My knowledge
  • My blog and creative company
  • The ease within myself and my body (i.e. I'll go out without makeup etc.  Although my skin is much better now that I'm on an herbal regime)
  • My self confidence
  • My impatience with living in New York
  • The desire to leave New York, and the calmness surrounding that decision
  • My friendships
  • The happiness that wells up within me when I think about leaving
  • The options of where to live seem to have grown now that the fear is lifting
  • Freedom from debt
  • Possibilities
  • My friends over in Scotland
  • My love for Scotland
  • At times, my impatience to find a way out...
  • My blog and it's voice.
  • The belief that I'm meant to do important things...and that I am on the cusp of a new chapter. (Lately I've been feeling as if I'm about to be shot out of a cannon at any moment).
  • My desire to unplug has grown, but is at odds with my want to work from home and create an expanded blog and website to go along with whatever The Lion's Share and LionArt Creations turns will take some creative balancing.

It's interesting to see that the biggest thing that's grown is my certainty that things are shifting and moving in a new direction...and that direction is out of New York City.

And now I have to get back to "work!"

Merry Christmas!


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