Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Through the Wall, Pompeii


I'm still trying to get my blog back on in that spirit, I'm featuring an item that is already listed on my Etsy page.

This was taken with my good, old, manual, Pentax K-1000 while in Pompeii, 2005 (that's right, film!).  A friend of mine called me over to look through a wall and this is what I saw!  Gorgeous.  Pompeii was definitely one of my favorite places in Italy...due to my love of ruins. It's such a hauntingly beautiful place.  The silence was full of noise...almost as if I could hear the people who once walked along the streets, lived in the homes, and shopped in the markets.

The photo is matted in black and the size, total, is 8"x10."

Column, Pompeii- $20.00


I hope everyone still snowed in is staying warm!

P.S. The Silhouette Box is still available

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