Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Silhouette Box

I created the image on this box from a photo of myself, years ago, as practice for working in Adobe Illustrator.  In the original black and white photo, I actually have short hair. Now, I have long(ish) hair, so maybe I was projecting forward back then?

I really love this item. It reminds me of old fashioned cameos and cut-out also allowed me to create something soft and illustrative in a computer program I used to hate because I thought it was too harsh!  Live and learn, I guess :)

I applied one of my favorite artsy techniques...antiquing!  I love antiquing things. It goes along with my love of history and bygone eras.

This papier-mâché box is roughly 7" in diameter and 2" high, antiqued with water-based stain/varnish and made with love :)

Silhouette Box -$18.00