Sunday, December 26, 2010

Surprise, Surprise...

 I "mastered" fair isle for my nephews' Christmas gifts... 

I am freshly back from Christmas in Connecticut...and surrounded by snow.

I am SO ready for the holidays to be over so I can get back to some semblance of a schedule (and I always use the word "schedule" very loosely). I want to get my blog back on schedule too...

This week's Creative Dreaming assignment was to make a list of all the things that have surprised and delighted me this year.  I'll admit, most of it surprised and delighted me.  It was like going on a treasure hunt every week, uncovering little bits of my heart and soul and putting them together in the puzzle that is my life.

~I have been repeatedly surprised by how much I enjoy "tending my hearth."  Back when I was deciding what I wanted to major in in college, I was convinced I wanted to work in a corporate in New York City...

Now...I suppose I've done that...and want to create a home and live somewhere beautiful that fills me with peace and joy (preferably without a loud upstairs neighbor).

~I have been surprised and delighted with my increasing ability to cook without recipes...something I never thought I'd do...

~My desire to basically make everything from scratch...including facial moisturizers, cold creams, tooth-paste, etc.

~How material things have become less and less important.

~I'm always delighted by how much love and support is out there for me and my dreams.

~My increased talent in the knitting department.

~The fact that I've been able to crawl out from under my debt and am beginning to see the sun again.

~The increased ease with which I carry myself...dress...

~I'm so surprised (and delighted) that I love beer and scotch.

~The ease with which I've made connections and friends in my beloved Scotland...and I can't wait to meet a few in person this Spring!

~My increasing adventurousness. I made myself a promise when I was last on Iona...that I'll never let fear keep me from doing something I truly want to do.

~How my instincts steer me in the right direction when I relax and follow.

~The happiness I felt at the thought of actually moving...when it felt possible.


P.S. Here are more photos of the (finished) wallets I made for my nephews this Christmas.  They were a big hit!  I was so delighted that these very plugged in boys were so appreciative of simple, hand-made gifts.

 "L" for Leo

"M" for Max

Outside Zipper

 Inside lining

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